My Stampin’ Up! Story

I enjoy giving gifts to people that I make or was able to personalize for them – it’s an excellent way to let people know you were thinking of them. Stampin’ Up! allows me to do this in super fun way, where all my colors coordinate and I everything is made to match, so it makes my life so much simpler, always a bonus!

In high school my mom, aunt and grandmother and myself each got a scrapbook kit. You know the ones I’m talking about; where it comes with frame punch outs, 12×12 construction paper style cardstock (a pack of white and primary colors), some stencils, a journaling marker and scissors that cut out a crazy design. Well, a couple years later my grandma (Hey Grandma! I love you!!) found a book at a craft store that was made of pre-printed paper. You could then cut out the paper and glue onto white cardstock and made your own greeting cards. They were cute, easy and fun to make. It was different than anything I’d ever seen from Hallmark, different and BETTER! I could make a card and feel accomplished in less time than a scrapbook! Plus, I could share cards with other people, unlike scrapbooks where I show off my personal experiences to others.

Fast Forward to today, scrapbooking turned to rubber stamping and when I saw “Sketch It” in a stamp shop  made up on a box, I asked the lady about “That Set!” She informed me it was a set she did at a Stampin’ Up workshop and the bug was bit! My Mom worked with a demonstrator named Nancy Carr who was an AMAZING demonstrator and taught me so many great techniques. After 8 years of being a customer, I decided to join under Brandy Cox.

With cards, I was able to share something personal with someone to let them know I was thinking about them, and not myself. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing that moment when someone opens a unique handmade card, and they admire the card and then they would ask “Did you make this?” and I love saying “Yes, I made it, and I made it just for you!” It’s an incredible experience, and I know how special I feel when I receive a card from someone, and I love that I can send someone a special thought.

I’ve always heard it is better to give than to receive, and with Stampin’ Up! giving is made into so much fun! I get to create something brand new and there aren’t any rules or limitations to what I can do with my supplies. There’s no such thing as messing up or too much glitter! It’s an activity I can enjoy for hours by myself and de-stress from all the chaos life has to offer. It is something I can enjoy with my family and friends! I love being able to “play and stamp” with other women (I’m not discriminating, I just haven’t stamped with guys before). It brings me closer together with the friends I already have and adds the opportunity to make new friends! It encourages an environment to be silly and gives rise to lots of laughter!!

If you’re a pro at stamping and paper crafting or just beginning, Stampin’ Up! has TONS to offer and enhance your projects. Thanks to the variety Stampin’ Up! provides and the wonders of social media there is no limit to the ideas you can create! Cards and scrapbooks are only the beginning! I just hope I am able to share all the excitement with you!

See ya Stampin’,

Amanda forBlog

I just recently started my second year of law school. Law school has been a life-long goal and dream for me, still, I can hardly believe it’s here! As I embark on my law school journey, it doesn’t leave much time for Stampin’ and creativity. (**sad face**) I still try to update my page and my blog when I can, but sometimes I may fall behind. However, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or there is any stamping comments or concerns!

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