What’s been going on in my Stampin’ Life…

I am so EXCITED! I recently met the coolest lady, Brandy Cox. Brandy is a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator with an amazing personality! I’ve had the privlage of stamping with her several times. The church we attend makes handmade cards for church members to acknowledge their birthdays and prayers and praises. Brandy head’s up this ministry, Caring Cards! But, Tonight, mom and I are going to our first Stamp Camp with Brandy and I couldn’t be more pumped!

I just have to share… well, brag a little

I was making a card yesterday and the Stamp-Nut was asleep, or so I thought. I needed to make a trip down the hall to the back bedroom to grab a stamp set. I got up an say Stamp-Nut sitting in front for the hallway, and as she saw me she started to walk ahead of me down the hall. I asked her (in typical Nut fashion, she didn’t respond. Nut only talks in riddles) if she was going to help me find my stamps. I figured she would just walk into my bedroom, but she didn’t! Nope, she walked right into the back bedroom and walked right over to the bookcases in the corner with all the stamps and sat right in front of the shelf the set I was looking for was on!! I was so proud!! I gave her lots of hug and kisses! Then later I let her lick the salt off a potato chip!

Gettin’ back to Stampin’ and stayin’ Nutty!

I have had the time and energy to get back to my crafting side of my brain! YAY!! I’ve been dusting off the cobwebs of my stamp sets, ink pads, paper, and of course GLITTER!

I’m dating an amazing man, my sweet Nicholas! We recently went on a getaway and stopped by a stamp and scrapbook store in Chattanooga, TN called the LITTLE LACE LADY. I showed him some of the fun stuff I like, as a paper crafter! I have to say he was pretty impressed! So, I have been able to play a lot more, now that he knows what the potential (keyword) outcome may be. I hope to be doing a lot more blogging and even doing some video tutorials!! (I ordered a tripod mount for my iphone and it came today…Exciting!!)

I will post again shortly!

Making Progress… and Color Charts!

My life has changed in everyway POSSIBLE over the last several months. I recently had to move back in with mom and dad after almost 7 years of being away from home. As chaotic as I thought it would be, it’s not so bad. I have much more time to play now than ever before and mom and I have joined forces with all of our crafting options and supplies!! I think things work out for the best!

When mom colors with markers she uses Copics. I haven’t really tried them yet. I’m planning on taking 2 Copic classes with Mommikins April 26, 2011. I took art classes in school through early high school, but that’s been a while and I just don’t feel confident with layering and blending color – plus I lack patience. I generally use Tombow Dual Brush markers because the color you see-is the color you get! Currently my favorite coloring method is colored pencils and Gamsol, an odorless mineral spirit. Even though I chose not to use Copics doesn’t mean I don’t have a little bit of marker envy with all the fun Copic color charts mom gets to use.

So, to get rid of the green-eyed monster I made my own color chart for both my Tombows and my Artists’ Studio colored pencils by Dick Blick.


The Tombow markers do not have a name on the barrel of the individual marker, just a 3-digit number. I just used this number to sort my colors. I am working on a way to post a blank copy so you can have one of your own to fill out on your favorite cardstock!


Here is my completed color chart for my colored pencils. I put the pencils in a color order I liked, purely personal preference. Then I numbered them to make it very easy to find and keep in order in the tin. The color name is printed on the pencil. Since I mainly use Gamsol with my colored pencils I made two columns for the color to compare with and without Gamsol. I realized about 2 days after I finished my color chart my columns are reversed, OOPS! I am by far not perfect when I “play”, that’s why I’m a NUT! The left color column is just colored pencil and the right column is colored pencil with Gamsol.


I will post blank copy’s shortly!

Hey! I’ll be right with you… Thanks for your patience!

My name is Amanda and I love making handmade cards using rubber stamps, glitter, a variety of coloring techniques and just about anything else I think will make a nice accent. I have been super excited about starting a blog so, HERE IT IS!!  However, I’m still learning my way around and deciding what I want my blog to look like. I have to go to work right now-I can’t wait to put more time into Stamp-NUT, because I am one!

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